Want to build privacy into your apps? Check out Jeeves, now available in Python

is jeeves gng to provide less human efforts??


Anyone reading the headlines these days knows we have a privacy problem. There are people out there who scour social networks for any and all information about you that they might be able to use to make money in legal and not-so-legal ways.  To make it easier for programmers to build privacy rules into their applications from the get-go, Jean Yang, a Ph.D at MIT’s CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) school, has been working on Jeeves.

This is a huge issue in the era of social networking where people want to use Facebook(s fb) and Twitter(s twtr) to share information — but only certain pieces of information with certain people.

But as anyone who has been unknowingly tagged in someone else’s Facebook photos, it’s hard to keep all your info within the confines of your privacy settings. Jeeves would, in theory, make that possible. If someone were to tag…

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